Please see FAQ’s below.

If you would like to register interest, or if you have a question that is not answered below, please email Admissions on admissions@kings-rochester.co.uk.

How much does weekly boarding cost and what do the boarding fees include?

£65 per night/day which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks (if and when needed), laundry facilities and tutor support, if required. 

Who will look after my child when they board?

The boarding houses are staffed by a Head of Boarding and tutors who are all teachers in the school. Each house also has a house parent who is on duty every day to assist with more matronly duties (like sewing on a button or making a cup of tea when the exam stress hits).

What happens with study leave?

During mocks and exam times, both boarding houses are staffed during the school day so that pupils can stay in to revise and only leave to do the exam, exactly as if they were at home. They can then return to do more preparation for the next day. 

Will my child have their own room? 

Normally short-term boarders have their own rooms, but it depends on the number of pupils in each house and the spaces available. 

Will my child have their own bathroom? 

In St Margaret’s (girls’ boarding house) each room has an ensuite bathroom with a shower. In School House (boys’ boarding house) boys share bathrooms with shower facilities, between two or three pupils, depending on their year group. 

What is the daily schedule for boarders? 

On weekdays, the following schedule is followed in both the boys’ and girls’ houses:

The boarding day starts at 7:15am with breakfast available from 7:45am to 8am. 

At 8:05am a final uniform check and registration is completed before the boarders leave to join their existing day house tutor groups. 

Pupils are then in school all day and are welcome to enjoy lunch in School House. 

Boarding houses re-open directly after school and boarders return for a quick pastoral check with the house parent and a snack.

It is then free time until 5:15pm when the first structured exam prep starts. Pupils in Prep School, Remove and Lower 5th do prep in the common room/dining room of the house. Pupils in Upper 5th, Lower 6th and Upper 6th do prep in their rooms (unless they study better under direct supervision). During this time, both the house parent and tutor are on hand to assist/check over work. 

Dinner is served at 6:30pm for which both boarding houses join together. 

After dinner there is more free time, until 7:15pm when second prep starts for Lower 5th to Upper 6th. It concludes at 8:15pm (for Fifth Formers) and 8:30pm (for Sixth Formers).

Pupils then have free time to socialise and catch-up with friends/family. 

Bedtimes start at 9pm for Prep School pupils, 9:30pm for Removes, 10pm for Lower & Upper 5th and 10:30pm for Lower 6th and Upper 6th. Pupils in Prep School, Remove and Fifth Formers hand in electronic devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops) overnight to ensure they are not distracted from a good night’s sleep. Internet access is strictly filtered and switched off entirely after the house closes for the night. 

Weekends follow a broadly similar structure with breakfast from 9am, lunch at 12:30pm, dinner at 6:30pm and different activities between these, depending on the term schedule and trip & activity plan. 

Are pupils allowed to leave the boarding house?

Boarders have strict bounds which are explained to them at induction and posted in all common rooms. Prep School, Remove and Lower 5th pupils may only leave the boarding house in groups of at least three pupils and may go as far as Rochester High Street. Upper 5th pupils may leave in pairs and Sixth formers may go out on their own, depending on their level of maturity and responsibility.  Pupils may not leave the boarding house during prep times, nor after 8pm in the evening. 

Can we opt for only 2/3/4 days a week?

Yes, flexi boarding can be arranged from as little as one day/night a week. Weekly boarders are requested to return to the boarding house on Sunday evenings by 6pm before the school week starts. They normally leave after school on a Friday afternoon.

Will there be an induction programme for weekly boarders?

All boarders, whether flexi, weekly or full-time are given an induction and orientation to the house’s routines and expectations. The Head of Boarding in the girls’ and boys’ boarding houses  usually meet with parents/guardians to ensure a smooth transition. New boarders are given a ‘boarding buddy’ who will help them with routines and what to do, where to be, and so on. Both houses provide exceptional pastoral care, not only by the staff but also by the boarders themselves who welcome new members openly and enthusiastically. 

How often are the rooms cleaned? 

Every weekday, the cleaners come into the boarding houses to thoroughly clean all rooms, corridors, and common areas.

Can my child ring home whenever they want? 

Absolutely. But please note that mobile phones are not allowed during prep times and depending on the age of pupils, phones are handed in at bedtime.

What meals can they expect and what kind of food is available? 

Every day, our boarders benefit from having great chefs on site to prepare healthy, balanced, nutritious two-course homemade meals. There are a variety of meals offered, and menus are available on our website. There is also food available in the houses for snacks, and pupils are allowed to bring in their own snacks, which must be kept in boxes provided by the boarding house rather than in their bedrooms.

What happens if there is a COVID outbreak?  Can my child come home?

Both boarding houses have strict and robust COVID management protocols. If a pupil tests positive, they are isolated in dedicated, comfortable safe spaces until a parent/guardian can collect them. The School’s Medical Centre and associated medical practitioners are also on hand should their situation need more direct intervention. In the past, parents and guardians have been very satisfied with how staff have handled and reassured both them and their children during these times. 

How do I pay? 

The cost will be recharged to you as per normal, which normally means it will be added to your monthly/termly fees. You will be recharged an add-on for the cost of boarding to your bill for each term. This will be taken care of by the Head of Admissions and Fees team.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No, a deposit is not required for any current pupil.

What is the notice period to finish weekly boarding?

We ask for seven days notice, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Can my child have a taster overnight stay?

Pupils are warmly invited to spend a taster night at one of the boarding houses. Most families prefer Monday/Tuesday as pupils can arrive on Monday afternoon and receive a typical warm King’s welcome and induction, experience dinner, prep times, and an overnight stay, before starting school on Tuesday and concluding their experience Tuesday afternoon. 

Please keep in mind that for a taster stay, all necessary paperwork, including medical forms, will be required.