This could well be the chance of a lifetime, both for performers and audience alike. One of the most iconic pieces of music ever written, and one of the most demanding and complex to perform. The piece requires two choirs (King’s Senior Choir and Rochester Choral Society) and two orchestras, with a separate top line to sing additional chorale melodies (cathedral choristers) and six soloists (we have a star-studded line-up including Samuel Boden as evangelist). There will be over 170 musicians performing, such that we are going to put up staging at the back of the cathedral and have all of the chairs facing the other way around in order to fit in more people!  What’s more, we’ll be performing alongside Aurum Vocale Instrumental Collective, a period orchestra, and we will be doing the whole performance at 415Hz (a semitone lower than concert pitch – possibly closer to the pitch Bach knew).