In 2020, the leaders of the School set down their expectations in a Strategic Plan that focuses on three over-arching aims.

These aims are supported by the six key strands of strategy which are detailed below. These strategic objectives will ensure that we will continue to be “excellent in all areas” following our ISI inspection in 2020.

By working together as one, our pupils, parents, staff, Governors and alumni will seek to ensure that King’s School Rochester thrives, our pupils flourish and that our School stands strong for another 1,400 years.

Ben Charles
Principal of King’s School Rochester

Our 6 Key Strategic Pillars

By 2026 the quality of teaching and learning, supported by confident middle leadership, will be consistently excellent

We will be confident, creative and effective in teaching and learning thanks to a whole school approach which encourages innovation and shares best practice through training

We will seek to establish a broad and rounded curriculum which benefits all our pupils so that they are prepared for a globalised future

 By 2026 the school’s quality of co-curricular provision will be consistently excellent

 We will establish a co-curricular programme that is coherent and demonstrates a synergy with the school’s ethos, curriculum and educational aims. This will include activities across Sport, Drama, Combined Cadet Force, Art and Design, Duke of Edinburgh and Music

 By 2026 a culture for pupils and staff will have been created in which the balance between ‘work hard, play hard and look after each other’ has been firmly established

 By 2026 we will have further improved our teaching and co-curricular environment and created outstanding new facilities

 We will have in progress a medium to long-term programme of phased development which has been carefully prioritised to allow the school to deliver an outstanding educational experience at all stages

 By 2026 a fully integrated approach to admissions and marketing will have enabled us to increase our market share of prospective families and to make our recruitment into the Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schools robust and secure.

 By 2026 we will have fully developed the school’s approach to establishing partnerships with local state-funded schools

 We will have set up a Development Office which will oversee and grow relationships with alumni including a refreshed programme of events for alumni and donors, and grow our alumni database

 We will launch a long-term bursary fundraising campaign designed to expand our provision of means-tested support