Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships programme is central to our School’s values. We believe we achieve more when we collaborate and seek to positively contribute to the local Medway community.

Since the start of 2023, we have been active in 47 events and initiatives, which have been attended by 75 partner organisations, and involved around 2000 attendees.

These include:

  • Opening our playing fields to local rugby, cricket and football teams.
  • Offering our swimming facilities to local primary schools.
  • Our staff and pupils contribute their time and talents to support local schools in enhancing their academic, arts and sporting programmes.
  • Inviting members of local secondary schools and the adult community to business networking, social briefings and celebrations at KSR.

Primary Partnerships

King’s has established partnerships with 18 local state schools engaging in staff and pupil volunteering initiatives. Our efforts to extend these activities to additional primary schools are ongoing. These collaborations underscore our commitment to enriching educational, cultural and social opportunities within our local community.

These partners include:

  • Balfour Junior School
  • Chantry Community Academy
  • English Martyrs Primary School
  • Hilltop Primary Academy
  • Medway RFC
  • Shorne CofE Primary School
  • St Margarets Primary School Troy Town
  • St William of Perth Primary School

KSR supports several local schools through various initiatives, including supplying recycled library books, providing materials for garden projects, contributing to science learning, and engaging pupils in interactive and on-line educational activities​​.

KSR coordinates a community service initiative, where pupils volunteer at primary schools and participates in Medway schemes to give experience to aspiring teachers.

Members of the KSR staff are also Governors at state schools allowing their experience to be utilised.

Local state schools are invited to our annual drama productions, aimed not only at entertaining but also inspiring an interest in drama​​. Furthermore, KSR conducts drama and music workshops, both hosted at KSR and visiting local schools, to help develop pupils’ vocal and rhythmic skills.

We invite senior citizens to attend our concerts primarily through wHoo Cares CIC.

KSR hosts termly sports outreach programmes – this academic year running Festival’s of Rugby, Netball and Cricket. These events provide a full day of sport, encompassing coaching sessions in the morning, with refreshments and matches in the afternoon, aiming to encourage physical activity and to promote teamwork activities.

KSR is engaged in local community events and initiatives such as the Medway Champions event and Rochester High Street forum. We have a partnership with Medway African Caribbean Association promoting history and diversity, host Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation lectures from Kenward Trust and a talks by prominent figures (i.e. Baroness Doreen Lawrence and Baroness Scotland), focusing on social issues like racism and student well-being. 

These events serve as a platform to unite local representatives from diverse sectors, celebrating community achievements and fostering collaboration. Additionally, these events often involve fundraising activities aimed at supporting external causes​​.

KSR’s Sports Centre offers a range of facilities, including netball courts, a swimming pool, and tennis courts, for both school and community use, alongside hosting various coaching programmes and activities.​​ Additionally, our pitches are used by local clubs i.e. Medway RFC, showcasing our commitment to fostering community involvement in sports and recreation; the same facilities are also used by  Army reservists for training.