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Good Schools Guide Prep & Pre-Prep School Review

“Music truly embedded into school life, as you would expect with a cathedral school. All do class music and singing as well as some theory and composing – all taught by music specialists. We observed buzzy classrooms alight with readiness to learn – pupils ultra-keen to tell us what they were working on, much of it kinaesthetic (eg playdough puzzles for maths). The fact that they all stand up (some slower than others) when a visitor walks in belies the…”

Good Schools Guide Senior School Review

“Exceptionally warm and caring – the kind of school where teachers know your child even if they don’t teach them. There are 26 grammars within a 25-mile radius so the last thing anyone around here needs is more of the same. Instead, King’s raison d’être is catering for a wide range of academic ability from average to Oxbridge, though a few parents felt ‘it’s probably not the first choice for the super academic’ and head says he’d ‘like to see more…”