As the second oldest school in the world and a school firmly established in the Medway Towns, we honour the tradition of our 1400 year history, while offering our pupils a forward-looking preparation for a globalised future.

We wish the members of our community to be happy and fulfilled and our purpose as a school is to offer an outstanding all-round education that enables each individual to flourish.

Our founding forefathers, St Justus and St Paulinus, sent from Rome to England as part of a Christian mission in the early 7th Century, provide us with an ongoing sense of duty, moral purpose and resilience in the 21st Century.

In the spirit of our ancient Christian foundation, we encourage our pupils to ‘Work Hard, Play Hard and Look After Each Other.’

At King’s School Rochester, our vision is modern and our past is great.


We wish our pupils at King’s and the members of our community to:

  • Be happy and fulfilled
  • Develop a love of learning through a unique breadth of experience
  • Be adaptable and resilient for a fast-paced changing world
  • Make an active difference to the lives of others in our community and beyond
  • Develop a sense of identity to lead purposeful lives as their own person


‘Ere the heart of brave Paulinus…’ (King’s School Rochester, School Song)

At the centre of everything we do is the HEART of King’s.
By being part of this community, each one of us aspires to the attributes and qualities of:



We believe in being yourself, building positive connections and being kind. It is important to us that everyone in our community feels happy and supported.



We strive to achieve excellence, making the most of the breadth of opportunities available to us and actively contributing to meaningful causes.



We cultivate aspiration and self-confidence, sparking curiosity and lifelong passions for a fulfilling future in a fast-pace modern world.



We embrace a balanced approach to life at King’s, educating the whole person. We celebrate individual achievements and uniqueness, recognising the success of all, not a privileged few.



We believe we achieve more when we collaborate and seek to positively contribute to the communities within King’s and beyond.