Lower Sixth pupil Bobby is a classically trained musician who created the UK-based Indie Dance project OBOST. Following the release of his debut album, “Er…Hello?”, Bobby has achieved great success, with his album featuring on the BBC Radio Show, BBC Introducing Music.

What was the inspiration behind the title and theme of the album?

My parents introduced me to many different genres including dance music from as early as I can remember, so I would say most of my inspiration comes from them. Funnily enough, the title of the album was created by my dad. It’s taken from the song ‘You’re a Fool’ – it’s said when I pick up the phone right at the end. My parents and I have always thought it was a significant part of the album as it is the only time you hear my voice not singing and it worked as an album title.

What was your creative process for this album?

Once I had access to Logic Pro on a Mac, I just enjoyed playing with the equipment and started making songs. Gradually I improved and soon enough I was finding it quite easy to put the bare bones of a song together within a few hours. I started adding live instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals played in by myself. I realised I could have an album on my hands and from then all I could think about was finishing it and releasing it to the world.

How long did it take you to complete the album? How did you manage it alongside your school work and other commitments?

All in all it took about 18 months to complete. Which is quite a long time – I spent most of it listening and trying to think what people would want to hear and how I can create a catchy set of songs that still maintain enough musicality for me to be satisfied. Fitting it in with school wasn’t hard. I usually got home from school, rushed to my studio/bedroom and created until I went to sleep. I have to admit homework was a second priority when I was nearing release, however I still somehow managed to keep on top of all my prep and assignments.

Are there any specific artists or musical influences that played a significant role in shaping your music?

Well I think many people know that I’m almost obsessed with Radiohead. I just love how they create songs so musically challenging but still hold a big mainstream presence on many people. I also love their look and the way they present themselves. They seem like they do it for themselves not for the money or fame. I’d say another few big influences are lesser known bands known by the name of Decius, Paranoid London and Vox Low. They create heavy distorted bass lines, interesting melody’s and complex singing. All of this has massively inspired me. Oh and Rachmaninov and Oscar Peterson. Very random I know, but I have a very wide taste!!

Is there a particular track on the album that holds special meaning to you, and if so, what is the story behind it?

All my songs are very close to me. Hearing them for almost two years really meant they were embedded in my mind and became part of me. I’d say my personal favourite is ‘Leak all your Lies’. I created this song about four years ago but I left it for years. I came across it about one month before release and I just loved the melodies I had created on guitar and the reverse techniques I’d used on them. I decided to rework it from a little idea/mini song into an album worthy tune. I also like in this piece how the tempo changes dramatically and how I’ve utilised the original sound and nurtured it to what it is now.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

It’s difficult to say. Hopefully I’m a world wide famous artist with people all round the world listening to my music and enjoying it as much as I did when I created it! A more realistic view point is somewhere comfortable enough to be able to still make music and be heard with no side job so I can focus on my music and people hearing it.

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