In a thrilling clash between the current King’s first team and the seasoned Old Roffensians (ORs), spectators were treated to a show of skill and determination that culminated in a nail-biting 42-42 draw. The ORs started with a bang, showcasing their experience and prowess on the court, but KSR rose to the challenge, demonstrating resilience and teamwork that ultimately saw them even the score in a truly remarkable game.

The ORs stormed into the match with a strong lead, their confidence bolstered by the return of incredible talents from the past. Maddie Holden’s exceptional work through the centre court and the ORs’ attacking D set the pace early on, keeping the opposition on their toes. Not to be outdone by the Titmuss sisters’ playoff that has come to be an expected rivalry in all OR games – Becca T engaged in a fierce showdown against her counterpart, Frankie, in defence, adding an extra layer of intensity to an already charged atmosphere.

However, the current students refused to be overshadowed, with standout performances across the board. Izzy P and Molly E commanded the centre court with their trademark brilliance, dictating play and setting up scoring opportunities with precision. In the offensive zone, Chloe S led the charge, receiving invaluable support from Eleanor R and Sarah W, whose coordinated effort and unwavering determination led to many amazing goals. Krystal A, Frankie T, Annabelle O, and Cara J formed an impenetrable defensive line, showcasing impeccable timing and athleticism with crucial interceptions, while Melissa C and Dusita P anchored the defensive centre court play, stifling OR attacks and maintaining parity on the scoreboard.

The match served as a testament to the true spirit of netball, with each team giving their all in the pursuit of victory. A heartfelt thanks to all who participated, with special recognition for the Old Roffensians who returned to rekindle old rivalries and create new memories in a game that will be remembered for its intensity and sportsmanship.

Written by Chloe S (Upper Sixth) – Captain of the 1st VII

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