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You are about to embark on the most exciting and challenging period in your academic career so far. A time when you can really focus on the subjects of your choice, pursuing your interests and creating the building blocks for your future university study or career choice.

A Level study is characterised by small groups, a more discursive approach and a more mature relationship with your teachers. You can also choose whatever subjects you want and you are not restricted by option blocks – we build the timetable around you, provided we get your choices in time. You will have increased levels of independence and be responsible for managing your own workloads both within and outside of school, ensuring you develop essential time management and organisational skills for your future life. These changes are visibly characterised by the transition to wearing a business suit rather than a school uniform, of being able to use the Sixth Form Centre for independent study and accessing the High Street during your lunch hour.

We encourage you to focus on three or four A Level subjects, working closely with your teachers to ensure you gain both the knowledge and the academic skills needed. Plus, you have the option of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which greatly improves your opportunities with the best universities.

Your academic progress will be supported by the King’s Elective Programme for our Sixth Form which allows pupils to study a range of short or long courses which complement their academic study. There is also a strategic focus on UCAS, apprenticeships and career planning in the Upper Sixth.

Find out more about each of the Sixth Form subjects and electives offered at King’s here.

Make the most of these opportunities, whilst continuing to involve yourself in team sports, drama and music, and enjoy the breadth of experiences that the Sixth Form at King’s has to offer. We are confident that you will be equipped with all the skills you need to have an extraordinary and fulfilling career.

Sarah Miles
Head of KSR Sixth Form


We are one school, where a happy learning environment is underpinned by a strong sense of care, kindness, moral values, self-discipline and emotional intelligence.

At King’s School Rochester, we believe in giving pupils the courage and confidence to be their best. Staff, pupils, parents and governors work together as one, to create and sustain the learning environment that makes our school so unique, ensuring its stewardship for generations to come.

We nurture the individual and celebrate diversity of talent – there truly is no typical King’s pupil. Each and every one is unique, and is treated as such. King’s School Rochester is a school for life, where pupils are prepared for life beyond education. We support this with our extra-curricular and careers activities whilst at the School, and then when a child leaves, we keep in touch and follow their journey, ensuring that they always remain a valued member of the King’s community.

Our motto is a simple one, “Work hard, play hard and look after each other” no matter what age you are.

King’s School Rochester finds itself situated in the heart of the historic town, nestled amongst cobbled medieval streets under the shadow of the Cathedral.

A stone’s throw from the beating heart of London, inhabitants of Rochester enjoy rolling countryside hills in one direction, and beautiful seaside in the other. The town is just over half an hour away by train into St Pancras International and easily accessible from Kent and the southeast. This gives our pupils the best of both worlds – a wealth of bustling culture on their doorstep, combined with the peace of living in a picturesque country town.

The busy high street, filled with independent businesses and a burgeoning arts scene, means our town is the perfect location to learn, develop and grow. Situated on the banks of the River Medway, Rochester is full of charm and intrigue.

Our location in Rochester is an integral part of School life.

Whilst we may be the second oldest school in the world, our vision is modern and resolutely forward-looking.

Steeped in history and surrounded by breath-taking heritage, King’s School Rochester has moved with the times for over 1400 years.

Our School lies in the shadow of Rochester Castle, nestled within the Cathedral precinct. Thousands of pupils have passed through the School over the centuries, leaving their mark and creating a tangible sense of history.  With our one-of-a-kind setting, our pupils understand what has gone before them and consequently their role in shaping the future.

Our pupils are given the mindset, knowledge and self-belief they need to step out, flourish, and emblazon their own positive mark on the world.

Strategically placed, guarding an important crossing of the River Medway, this imposing fortress has a complex history of destruction and rebuilding.

Today it stands as a proud reminder of the history of Rochester, along with the cathedral and cobbled streets.

Through all the raids, battles and drama, King's School has stood under its impressive shadow, educating the children of Rochester.

King’s benefits from excellent transport links to London and beyond, perfect for international pupils.

Rochester Train Station is conveniently located less than a 10 minute walk from the School with London being just over a half an hour train journey away into St Pancras International.

Add to this the rolling countryside hills in one direction and the beautiful seaside in the other, our pupils have a wealth of bustling culture on their doorstep, combined with the peace of living in a picturesque country town.

It is our core belief that our pupils learn just as much outside the classroom as they do inside.

We consider participation in clubs and activities an integral part of the King’s experience.

From Reception through to Sixth Form, there is an extensive range of co-curricular pursuits from which to choose, taking place during lunchtime, after school and at the weekend.

We also offer a range of trips both in the UK and abroad to extend our young people’s horizons.

We instil in our pupils the practical knowledge and skills that will see them through the rest of their education and their future career.

At the end of their time at King’s, our pupils leave as fully rounded young adults, who go on to flourish and thrive in whichever path they take.

Our long established Old Roffensian Society allows past leavers to stay in contact with their contemporaries and participate in events and functions within the wider King’s network.

The Old Roffensians’ community provides pupils with a valuable network of contacts that will enrich and further their respective careers, in many cases giving them that crucial ‘foot-in-the-door’.

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Every step of the King’s School Rochester journey, from nursery to sixth form, is designed to help pupils flourish, grow in confidence and discover new passions. Many of our specialist teachers teach across the whole school to ensure smooth transitions through each stage of the journey.