The department enters students for the IGCSE in Mathematics, a core subject.

This is offered at two levels; Foundation and Higher. Students are entered at a level appropriate to their ability.

The IGCSE Higher tier

• Provides an excellent opportunity for Higher level students to establish a solid base for further study of the subject in the Sixth Form

The IGCSE Foundation tier

• Grades up to 5 available which may suit those not wanting to study A-level mathematics over the higher tier

The assessment consists of two written examination papers, each carrying 50% weighting and two hours long.  Calculators are expected to be used in both papers.  Both the board and I recommend the Casio 991ex Classwhiz model. Recent changes in the curriculum place more emphasis upon problem solving skills.

Examination Board: Edexcel (International)
Specification: 4MA0

Mr P. Stevens – Head of Mathematics