The A level Economics course is divided into four themes and consists of three externally examined papers. Pupils are introduced to Economics through building knowledge of core microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts. The course provides pupils with the knowledge that will enable them to better understand the world in which they live.

Theme 1

This theme focuses on microeconomic concepts. Pupils will develop an understanding of:

• The nature of economics
• How markets work
• Market failure
• Government intervention

Theme 2

This theme focuses on macroeconomic concepts. Pupils will develop an understanding of:

• Measures of economic performance
• Aggregate demand
• Aggregate supply
• National income
• Economic growth
• Macroeconomic objectives and policy

Theme 3

This theme develops the microeconomic concepts introduced in Theme 1 and focuses on business economics. Pupils will develop an understanding of:

• Business growth
• Business objectives
• Revenues, costs and profits
• Market structures
• Labour market
• Government intervention

Theme 4

This theme develops the macroeconomic concepts introduced in Theme 2 and applies these concepts in a global context. Pupils will develop an understanding of:

• International economics
• Poverty and inequality
• Emerging and developing economies
• Financial sector
• Role of the state in the macroeconomy

Examination Board: Edexcel
Specification: 9EC0

Mr C. White – Head of Business & Economics