Geography is a diverse subject, which is multi-skilled. Due to this and its cross-curricular links, it combines well with many other subjects. It is very popular with and well respected by employers and can lead to a variety of job prospects.

The course builds on topics studied at GCSE, so pupils will need to have studied the subject at GCSE level and it is recommended that they have achieved a minimum grade 6, but 7+ is desirable. Pupils are expected to be able to complete structured extended writing, in response to a variety of questions, using appropriate geographical theory, analysis and examples.

Course Outline

Paper 1: 40% of A level

• Section A: Water and carbon cycles
• Section B: Coastal systems and landscapes or glacial systems and landscapes
• Section C: Hazards
• Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes

Paper 2: 40% of A level

• Section A: Global systems and global governance
• Section B: Changing places
• Section C: either a) Contemporary urban environments b) Population and the environment or c) Resource security
• Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes

Coursework and Fieldwork: 20% of A level

Pupils are required to undertake an independent investigation and complete a 3000-4000 word report. Pupils will need to define a question or issue for investigation, relating to the course content, and write a report. The investigation will incorporate fieldwork data (which is likely to be collected as part of a group but can be collected individually) and pupils’ own research and/or secondary data.  The report will include analysis, evaluation, data presentation and extended writing.  In order to support this independent investigation as well as the course content, pupils are expected to complete 4 days of fieldwork. This trip will be undertaken in the summer term of the Lower Sixth year. It will be a compulsory trip and is expected to cost approximately £300-£400.

In addition, there is an opportunity for Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth pupils to attend a variety of non-compulsory fieldtrips to support their geographical studies. Recent destinations include: Iceland, China, South Africa and Costa Rica. All trips will take place during the October half-term or occasionally the February half-term.

Examination board: AQA
Specification: 9GEO

Miss L. Costelloe – Head of Geography