Mental Health &


At King’s, happiness and wellbeing are key to our School’s success and we pride ourselves in providing a designated Wellbeing Centre for all our pupils.

Our Wellbeing Centre is the hub for our School-wide wellbeing activities and offers counselling services for our pupils in the Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory and Senior Schools. Our qualified counsellor runs group wellbeing sessions, as well as individual counselling sessions, both of which are child-led and incorporate elements of Solution-Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Pupils can also drop into the Wellbeing Centre during their breaktimes, if they need time to relax or need help to manage their own feelings. 

The Wellbeing Centre has two calm and relaxing rooms that are used for 1:1 counselling.  Pupils describe this space as a “calm, peaceful place where I can relax and think”, and “on days that I feel overwhelmed, it’s a bit like stepping into home so that I can calm down and then go back to school feeling better”. 

How are counselling sessions arranged?

Pupils can be referred for counselling via the Head of Pastoral Care in each school.   Any pupil that does receive counselling services from the Wellbeing Centre should not enter or continue with therapy elsewhere. 

There is a waiting list, and we cannot guarantee how long a pupil may be on that waiting list. If urgent support is required, we recommend seeking a counsellor outside of school.  

Session times are rotated or allocated at a time to ensure children do not miss the same lessons each week and can also be booked during lunch, study sessions or after school. 

Is parental consent required? 

Pupils in the Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory Schools will need parental consent to start counselling.  Pupils in Senior School can choose without the need to inform parents.  

How much do they cost?

Initially, six counselling sessions are paid for by the school. Any further sessions can be offered at the cost of £30 per session which will require separate parental agreement. Some children may choose to end the sessions early for many different reasons and we will respect this decision.  

All sessions are confidential unless a pupil or another person is at risk. 

All counselling documentation is maintained by the counsellor and owned by King’s. 

Any concerns will be discussed with the Safeguarding Team.

Jane Bolton
Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator