Chorister Timetable

Our choristers sing at services throughout the year. The usual schedule for Choristers is:

During King’s School Terms:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday



Rehearsal at school


Rehearsal and/or Evensong.

(NB: there are no chorister duties on a Monday afternoon).

(Wednesdays and most Saturdays are free from chorister duties. Occasionally the Choristers will be required to sing Saturday Evensong, not more than once each half-term).




Rehearsal and Choral Mattins/Eucharist


Rehearsal and Evensong

Choristers additionally sing in the lead-up to Christmas (including Christmas Day morning), and during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter).

In addition to the regular round of cathedral services, choristers may occasionally have the opportunity to perform in concert, participate in choir tours, and sing on Radio or Television broadcasts.