On Thursday, Remove visited The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to watch a production of ‘Twelve Angry Men’ which they will all study this year in English. 

A powerful drama set in 1950s America, the play is about a group of jurors called together to reach a verdict in a murder trial. Born on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’, just sixteen years of age and of a different ethnicity from most of the men appointed to consider his case, the accused’s life hangs in the balance. Whilst many of the jurors believe the boy got a ‘fair trial’, one man in the room is not so sure and we follow the re-examination of the case as the jurors start to confront some of the prejudices they brought with them into the jury room. As tempers rise, we realise that it’s ’hard to keep prejudice out of a case like this’. 

Remove were riveted by the twists and turns in the plot as each piece of evidence was scrutinised and found wanting. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out that sparked lots of discussion on the way home.

Mrs McCarthy, Head of English

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