As the first part of the summer term unfolded, our talented Year 6 pupils dedicated themselves to an important and enlightening project. Tasked with researching various issues concerning tropical rainforests, each pupil worked tirelessly to understand and convey the significance of these vital ecosystems. Their goal? To educate their parents and peers about the importance of tropical rainforests and the challenges they face today. 

To showcase their hard work and findings, the pupils created stunning presentations and intricate dioramas. These projects were not only informative but also visually captivating, each reflecting the pupil’s dedication and creativity.

Parents were invited to view the projects and vote for the one they found most compelling. The level of detail and the passion behind each presentation made the competition incredibly fierce. Every single project was extraordinary, demonstrating the high quality of work our pupils are capable of.

In the end, it was Theia C (6W) who emerged as the winner, capturing the hearts and votes of many with her exceptional presentation. Congratulations to Theia for her outstanding effort and achievement!

This event was more than just a competition; it was a crucial educational experience. It highlighted the importance of tropical rainforests and the urgent need to protect them. Through this project, our Year 6 pupils not only enhanced their research and presentation skills but also became young advocates for environmental conservation.

We are incredibly proud of all our Year 6 pupils for their hard work and dedication. Their efforts have brought attention to an important global issue and showcased the power of education in making a difference. Well done to everyone involved!


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