King’s School Rochester proudly celebrated a momentous milestone in its rich history on 21st September 2023 – the 450th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to the local MP Richard Watts in his former residence, Satis House, on 21st September 1573.

To commemorate this Royal occasion Head of Girls Boarding, Elizabeth Hanson read the following poem during the morning’s chapel service at Rochester Cathedral, adapted from Bob Perks “I Wish”:

Father God, who created us with incredible diversity but each of us is “Satis”, please bless us all with:
Enough sun to keep our attitude bright and enough rain to help us appreciate the sun more.
Enough courage to accept who we are and just enough guidance that we may still strive for self improvement.
Enough happiness to keep our spirits alive but just enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.
Enough gain to satisfy our wanting but enough loss to appreciate all we possess.


The occasion was also marked by a delightful gathering in the afternoon that brought together dignitaries, representatives from Medway council, neighbours, local charities, history societies, and esteemed members of the King’s Governors, Staff, as well as both former and current pupils.

Guests had the unique privilege of enjoying a traditional tea in the garden of Satis House, accompanied by Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite dessert, Lemon Syllabub, which added a touch of regal splendour to the festivities. The Town Crier joined us and gave the following speech before the unveiling of the plaque:

“Oyez, oyez, oyez
Greetings and welcome to Satis House
We are here to commemorate the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the first’s visit to Richard Watts home in 1573 whilst attending to other business in the City of Rochester. So satisfied was she with the house that it took its’ name from the Latin, Satis.
I now call on Mr Ben Charles to unveil this commemorative plaque.
God Save the King”

Mr. Ben Charles, the Principal of King’s School Rochester, expressed his admiration for the institution’s long and storied history, stating, “For a school founded in 604 AD, celebrating a 450th anniversary may seem ‘young’; but it is a testament to the enduring legacy of our school. King’s School, with its deep
historical roots, its picturesque location in the heart of Rochester, and its vital role in our local community, stands as a truly unique institution.” He further added, “As we commemorate this milestone, let us look forward to celebrating the grand occasion of our 500th anniversary in the years to come.”

The event was not only a tribute to the School’s past but also a celebration of its ongoing commitment to education and community engagement. King’s School Rochester remains a beacon of tradition and excellence, bridging the past and the future, and continuing to play a vital role in the cultural tapestry of Rochester.

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