Yesterday a number of pupils from Remove made presentations before their peers, assembled parents and a panel of distinguished judges as part of the Futures Project. The Futures Project is an innovative feature of the Removes Curriculum, which aims to produce independent, inquisitive and reflective learners, as well as developing important skills and the competencies demanded by employers and universities.  Throughout the year pupils have been working on projects around Environmental Sustainability, undertaking research to inform their write-up and crafting a presentation, mirroring the requirements of the Extended Project Qualification undertaken by our Sixth Form. 

Annie C, Ava M and Amelie V began proceedings by considering the impact of littering on the Great Barrier Reef, before Lily M and Maia S offered a fascinating talk on the concealed impacts of climate change on our daily lifestyle, examining the impact of rising temperatures on sleep and stress.

Charles B provided some thoughtful insights into “climate justice”, reflecting on the responsibilities of the Global North, while Zara A and Isla L considered veganism’s effects on both humankind and the planet.

Rika G and Jagoda K’s presentation spoke on the impact of “fast fashion” on climate change and environmental concerns, illustrating their work with a number of upcycled fashion items designed and created by the girls as “artefacts” supporting their project.  With a portfolio of designs, which might have come from a Parisian fashion house, this aspect of the work particularly impressed.

Iness K, Rebekah N and Ammara S concluded proceedings with a well-researched and detailed study of environmentally-friendly fuels.

In the event Elizabeth S was awarded first-prize for her passionate, well-informed piece entitled “Is the public aware of what climate change really is and how to take action to prevent it?” Underpinned by careful research, Elizabeth’s presentation included a well-crafted film and the results of her own surveys to frame her conclusions.

The judges were hugely impressed by all the research projects, the reflections that underpinned the development of the studies and the quality, detail, invention and clarity of the presentations.

They thanked the Supervisors for their diligent guidance and commended all the candidates.  Their work highlights young people’s real concern for this issue and left the judges buoyed with optimism that, left to our youth, the planet has a brighter future.

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