Year 2 Reculver Trip

On Wednesday 6 September, Year 2 had an exciting trip to Reculver to introduce the Year 2 Science topics on seaside habitats and their food chains. They discovered many different types of marine life whilst rock-pooling on the beach in the glorious sunshine. They were amazed to see so many slipper limpets and fascinated to learn that their foot is like a rough tongue which they use to munch on the algae! They collected many shark eggs also known as mermaid purses in the rock pools and had fun using their tickling sticks to identify a range of crabs hiding from the Common Gulls overhead. In the afternoon the children played a variety of games. They loved being anemones by using their colourful long tentacles to catch a variety of food in the form of bubbles! They also loved dressing up as crabs in the ‘Crazy Crab Crawl’ and scuttling around using their pincers to scavenge for worms, mussels, shrimps, seaweed and whelks without being caught by the Common Gull! A truly amazing way to engage in our natural environment and become confident and thoughtful scientists on such a beautiful sunny day!

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