A ball. A mallet. A hoop. A lawn. A lunch. Fair weather. All that was needed to play this year’s Headmaster’s croquet matches against the Heads of School and the Upper Sixth King’s Scholars. Grass mowed to perfection, on a fast-moving course, provided the perfect setting for a heated contest between the Headmaster’s IV and the pupils.

Over two days of working lunches, the pupils battled against the Headmaster’s team, fighting valiantly with some talented ball play – only to sadly lack the skills to upset the teachers’ game sufficiently to bring in a win. Using the Kent scoring system developed by Henry VIIIth on his visit to King’s orchard to meet Anne of Cleves, the Headmaster’s team triumphed 26 points to 14.

The Headmaster’s unbroken record continues, and next year’s Lower Sixth will need to get in some good practice in order to bring a credible challenge in 2023. Fun was had by all, and the lunches and weather were amazing!

Father Padfield

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