The Senior competition was a closely contested event with three garrulous exponents of the art of spontaneous loquacity excelling in their prolixity.

Archie C (8W) representing Crick spoke eloquently on Harry Potter and Vegetarianism, but repetition was his undoing when he spoke of circus acrobats swinging “from pole to pole”.  Aalekh J (8W), representing Storrs, was masterly in his verbal dexterity on Vihrat Kohli’s late cut, but he hesitated, not unsurprisingly, on England’s batting. Parker’s Matthew H (8H/R) spoke with passion, especially on Rochester Cathedral and croissants when waxing on the topic of the French, although “Man’s Best Friend, the Dog” muzzled Matthew.  Ultimately Crick and Parker’s exponents extemporised most fluently, tying for the title.

The Junior competition was equally well-contested with Parker’s Angeli V (5W)  claiming the crown by a single point from Storrs’ Jessica B (5N/P) , while Eden Grace A (5W) and Francesca P (5W)  showed deftness in avoiding deviation as all the competitors looked to speak without faltering for 60 seconds.

Overall, Parker was the most articulate house, with Crick in second place, Storrs third and Whiston fourth. 

Well-done to all these masters of oratorical dexterity! 

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