A broad & robust


We provide a varied and stimulating curriculum in preparation for future success at GCSE and A-Level.

From the start of the Preparatory School in Year 4, all of our pupils are taught by subject specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience within their given subject field. We are also fortunate in having dedicated learning facilities to support subjects. For example, Art and Design lessons take place in our superb Art Studio, Drama performances take place in our purpose built Drama Studio, and Science is taught in our fully equipped labs. This differs from the traditional set up in primary schools, where there is normally one teacher for all subjects and only one learning environment.

At King’s our broad curriculum focuses on educating rather than testing. We believe in giving our pupils a broad education and our pupils do not sit Key Stage 2 National Curriculum tests (SATs). This enables us to have a wide range of subjects and allows us to teach additional topics such as life skills. 

An example of this is the Year 5 Challenge Prep. In this, pupils focus on two extended projects involving the environment and a country’s language and culture. Pupils bring the skills that they have learnt across the curriculum and they are able to apply them to ‘real life’ scenarios. 

The Preparatory School curriculum aims to excite and extend the intellect of every pupil, all the while striving to build confidence and self-esteem. We want our children to develop strong academic skills, and grow into kind, caring and respectful young adults.

Prep. (Homework) at King’s

We think that giving children homework is a great way to encourage independent learning, as well as helping to consolidate the learning pupils do in the classroom. The amount of homework that the pupils receive increases as they move through the School and is carefully balanced.

Tracking Progress at King’s

It’s really important to us that each child gets the best out of their education. To support this, pupils in the Preparatory School sit end of year exams, the number of which increases as the pupils move through the School. Pupils also take progress tests to ensure that they are making expected progress.