Our diverse co-curricular options are impressive and naturally complement the immersive educational programme.

Art & Design

The Art and Design department is buzzing with creativity and inspiration.

The creativity of young minds is extraordinary, and it is a privilege to nurture the artisitc potential of each and every pupil. Pupils have a strong visual sense, and they love to explore and discover new things.

We teach our pupils history of art and design, and they learn about the different techniques to help them build an in-depth understanding of the breadth of creative and design options. Our project-based approach enables many pupils to achieve a level of artistic skill beyond their age. We take art and design teaching beyond the National Curriculum, and this lays the foundation for future success at GCSE and A Level.


Music is a cornerstone of life at King’s with countless opportunities for pupils of all abilities to get involved.

Our musical offering is wide and versatile, and pupils can join a wide range of ensembles including choirs, orchestras, wind and brass groups. Alongside the daily music making, we run an impressive programme of regular musical events, including workshops with visiting professional musicians. Many pupils also choose to come to King’s to have the opportunity to join the prestigious choir of Rochester Cathedral as a Chorister from Year 4 to 8.

Pupils enjoy a wealth of amazing instrumental opportunities with the various Prep School ensembles, and many gain confidence playing at our regular formal and informal concerts, with some even going on to perform solos in the Cathedral. Thanks to a large team of subject specialist and peripatetic music teachers, we are able to teach a wide range of instruments: all orchestral instruments plus drumkit, guitar (acoustic and electric), piano and voice.

Many pupils perform enthusiastically in front of a large audience with our much admired bi-annual Prep School musicals. Our Christmas and Summer concerts in the School Hall and celebration services in the Cathedral are exceptional and incredibly popular, and the whole Prep School – including staff! – get involved in the bi-annual House Music competition.


Our exceptional seasonal sports programme gives pupils at least four hours of games lessons each week.

Sport is a truly dynamic and fun experience at King’s. Pupils throw themselves enthusiastically into our enriching programme of activities, building their confidence and ability to work as part of a team.

All children benefit from expert specialist sports coaching, and this is vital to support each pupil, regardless of individual ability or level of experience. There are numerous opportunities to represent and compete for the School both as part of a team or as an individual and have fun!


Pupils gain valuable communication skills and build their confidence through Drama.

Drama classes and school drama productions give our pupils numerous opportunities to develop valuable performance skills and build confidence in public speaking. All productions, whether whole school or class run, invariably require planning and teamwork, and to experience this is incredibly important.

The dramatic and performing arts curriculum is run in tandem with the co-curricular programme, creating a seamless experience for those looking to perform on the larger school stage. LAMDA and Public Speaking coaching and examinations are offered to all pupils, and practical workshops are available from professional theatre companies such as Polka Theatre.

Clubs & Activities

Pupils benefit from many opportunities to take part in a variety of activities. Our children are encouraged to broaden and extend their skills of communication, teamwork and leadership. Clubs available include: Art, Athletics, Ballet, Chess, Cricket, DT, Ecology and Gardening, Film Club, Hockey, LAMDA, Lego, Maths, Minecraft, Needlecraft, Netball, Photography, Puzzle Club, Rugby, Running, Soccer and Swimming.

The majority of clubs and activities are at no extra cost and take place on-site during lunchtime and after school. Swimming takes place in our on-site indoor heated swimming pool.

There are also numerous fun House competitions that take place throughout the year, including House Tiddlywinks and House Conkers.