Children flourish in this safe and secure environment, where they feel happy and confident.

Strong relationships between pupils and teachers are a fundamental characteristic of the King’s ethos. We know that excellent pastoral care underpins all aspects of personal development and academic performance, and it’s vital that every single pupil feels they belong and are valued. We want everyone in our School to be happy and healthy – both physically and mentally.

From Nursery to Year 3, a high pupil-staff ratio creates plenty of opportunities for interaction, support and encouragement. From an early age, pupils are taught the values of kindness to others and working as part of a team. In the Pre-Preparatory School all children join a ‘House’ and the regular House competitions provide a chance for everyone to have a go at something new and different. House competitions are keenly contested and the sheer number of events is impressive, including the hilarious House pancake race, House winter race, House tie tying, House tiddlywinks, House bake off and House poetry. The House system importantly enables children to build relationships up and down the School for that added sense of community and belonging.

Our children are recognised and rewarded for kindness, good manners and politeness by the giving of House tokens. These are much coveted, and whichever House collects the most has the accolade of seeing their colour ribbons worn by the House bear. Truly one of the highlights of the school year!

When our pupils leave the Pre-Preparatory School they are already developing into responsible and confident young people, ready to tackle the next challenge!