Preparatory School Cathedral Choristers

There has been a choir school associated with Rochester Cathedral since 604 AD. King’s Rochester is considered the oldest choir school in the world and has been in partnership with Rochester Cathedral for over 1400 years,

In 2020, the Cathedral embarked on the next exciting development of choral music. A single mixed treble line with equality for boys and girls was introduced. This sees boys and girls singing together in the Cathedral Choir.

Being a Chorister at Rochester Cathedral is a chance to join over a millennia of tradition.

What do choristers learn?

The experience given to those who become Choristers is unsurpassed, both musically and as preparation for adult life. The School, of course, puts great store on academic and musical matters, but also sets out to achieve the right balance for Choristers between their work, their leisure time, and their involvement in sport. Experience shows us that Choristers usually do well with their academic studies.

Through working together in a close-knit team, the Choristers also learn, amongst other qualities, self-discipline, time-management, and support for each other, especially the younger members of the Choir. Being a Cathedral Chorister is an extremely rewarding experience with multiple benefits for your child’s education




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