IGCSE English Language allows pupils to demonstrate their ability to use English in real life contexts and uses an investigative and analytical approach to language topics, drawing on personal experience.

IGCSE English Literature requires candidates to explore texts from a personal perspective and offers an experience of:

• Literature today
• Literature globally
• The literary heritage

Both courses are assessed through a combination of coursework and examination.


Unit 1: Non-fiction Texts & Transactional Writing
External examination – 60%

Unit 2: Analytical Reading & Personal/Imaginative Writing
Coursework (internal) – 40%


Unit 1: Modern Poetry & Modern Prose
External examination – 60%

Unit 2: Modern Drama & the Literary Heritage
Coursework (internal) 40% of marks

Examination Board: Edexcel IGCSE
Specification: 4EA1 / 4ET1

Mrs E. McCarthy- Head of English