All pupils embarking on the Lower Fifth year at King’s will study Balanced Science.This will lead, at the end of the Upper Fifth year, to a pupil gaining a double level (e.g. 7/7) after an amount of study equal to two IGCSEs (known as “Dual Award”) or, as a consequence of an extra quantity of study, gaining a separate single grade in each of three IGCSEs (known as “Triple Award”) in the three separate sciences: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The normal outcome, for the majority of pupils, will be “Dual Award”. This provides good support for A level study, should the pupil wish to take one or more separate science subjects into the Sixth Form. Pupils may, if appropriate, follow a path leading to “Triple Award”. Pupils will be advised whether they should embark upon Dual Award or Triple Award by the Science Department in Remove and will use this to decide whether they wish to undertake the Dual Award or Triple Award, subject to approval by the School. Pupils will then remain in that class for the duration of their IGCSE.

The Science course will be taught by subject specialists at King’s and those topics traditionally found in Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be maintained with due rigour. Similarly, all examination papers sat by the pupils will involve only one of the three separate science subjects.

In summary:

• Balanced Science: all pupils study Physics, Chemistry and Biology in equal measure.
• The three separate sciences will continue to be taught in separate lessons by subject specialists.
• All pupils will stay in either the Dual Award class or Triple Award class that they are timetabled for at the beginning of Lower Fifth.
• All pupils will be stretched so as to achieve in accordance with their maximum potential.

Examination Board: Edexcel International
Specification: 4SD0

Mrs E. Parren (Physics)
Miss V. Burgess (Biology)
Mr C. White (Chemistry)