Pupils study both Statistics and Mechanics as part of the applied mathematics side.

A Mathematics qualification post GCSE should be considered essential for pupils thinking of further university study in the Sciences, Engineering, Finance and of course, Mathematics itself. It is also a recommended qualification for Medicine.

Pupils opting to take A level mathematics must attain at least grade 7/8 in GCSE Mathematics. A low 7 may not be sufficient. Motivation is key to success in this subject. By this we require you to be inquisitive and reflective, always looking for the logic that makes sense of the symbols. You probably enjoy puzzles because they are challenging and want to know where any errors lie. We would like pupils to be able to write their solutions making use of digital technology. For this, we ask that students have a ‘pen-enabled’ device.

The Mathematics Department follows the Edexcel Specification and offers the following courses:

• A level Mathematics: 3 Examinations, 2 Pure and 1 Applied.

Examination Board: Edexcel
Specification: 9MaA0

Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics A level should be considered by pupils likely to be following a degree course with significant mathematical content. It is a fast-paced course and essentially the quantity of two A levels, so should only be considered by pupils who have significant ability in the subject and are willing to abide by the motto ‘Age quod agis!’ or ‘Do what you are doing!’

Further Mathematics pupils will be expected to complete A level Mathematics in the Lower Sixth and continue onto Further Mathematics in the Upper Sixth.

• A level Further Mathematics: 4 Examinations, 2 Pure and 2 Options.

The options include statistics, mechanics, decision mathematics or further pure. A group decision on option choices is the normal pattern.

Pupils must obtain an 8/9 at GCSE and they will be expected to achieve at least an A grade for A level Mathematics in the Lower Sixth. Further Mathematics is usually taken as a fourth subject. However, in some cases it may be more appropriate for it to be included within the three subjects. This would depend upon the individual and would need to be discussed with the Head of Mathematics and the Deputy Head Academic.

It is possible for a top A level Mathematics pupil to do the A level in year 1. If this is desired, pupils should indicate Further Mathematics as their choice.

Examination Board: Edexcel
Specification: 9FM0

Mr P. Stevens – Head of Mathematics